Paranormal Romance


Moonlit Secrets

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Nineteen-year-old Taylor is a wolf shapeshifter who has never shifted before. Her parents were banished from Wolf City before she was born, so she was forced to suppress her inner wolf. One day, her life changes forever when she meets Gideon, the alpha's son. Gideon takes one look at Taylor and decides to pull some strings to get her into Wolf City, but since it's Gideon's choice year, he has to pick a mate. Any female between the ages of 18 and 22 must be present, no exceptions. As Taylor affectionately calls it: werewolf bachelor. Things quickly go awry, however, because as Taylor works her magic to the fullest, it turns out her wolf side is different.


The hidden wolf princess

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"I mindlinked Adam: 'Divorce me today, or she dies.'" Three years ago, Adam promised to marry me if I became his lover’s blood donor. I naively believed that marriage would lead to his love. Instead, I became a servant to his family and a mere blood donor to his lover, never truly his Luna. Now, stripped of my wolf, I needed to escape this loveless union. "Don’t be foolish, Bianca. Is it money you desire? I can offer more," Adam proposed. "I want nothing from you," I declared, gesturing to the divorce papers. "Sign them, Adam." “Daddy…” I mindlinked my father, with whom I hadn’t communicated in the three years of my marriage. “Bianca? What’s the matter?” My father’s voice, soft yet commanding, filled my mind. "I am divorced," I informed him solemnly. "Return to the palace, my princess," he ordered. As reality dawned on him, Adam finally understood his loss. "Will you marry me again, my mate?" he implored, relinquishing his pride.


Pregnant by the call boy

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Quinn, the epitome of a perfect Luna, is left shattered when she discovers her fiancé has betrayed her. In an impulsive act of revenge, she hires a call boy for a night of wild passion. As the sun rises the next morning, she leaves cash behind and slips away, convinced she has exacted her sweet revenge. Little does Quinn know, her life is about to take a jaw-dropping turn when she discovers she's pregnant after the passionate night with the call boy. Amid the turmoil and crisis of her unplanned pregnancy, she inadvertently crosses paths with the man from that fateful night. However, the man standing before her isn't just any call boy; he's the future Alpha King—her fiancé's boss. Her heart races as she gazes at the powerful figure towering before her. The Alpha King smirks, cornering her with an air of dominance and desire. Raising an eyebrow, he taunts Quinn with a question that sends shivers down her spine: "A call boy, huh?"


Frozen Desires

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In a state of disconnection and numbness, David finds himself engaging in emotionless encounters. Haunted by the resemblance to his heartless father, he attends a dull party with plans to leave. However, everything changes when he notices a young woman in a white dress. Overhearing her conversation about her father's health, David witnesses her vulnerability. But as she walks away with an aggressive man, David's predatory instinct awakens, leading him to confront the man in his own way.


Chasing the Moon's Salvation

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In the vast wilderness of the most formidable pack on earth, my existence followed a predetermined path, etched in stone from the moment I reached the age of eighteen. That was when the moon ceremony, a sacred rite of passage, would unveil my true mate, binding our souls and unlocking the mystical shifter energy bestowed upon the male members of our pack by the benevolent moon goddess. This energy is the key to our most sacred ability – to transform into majestic wolves. However, in an unprecedented twist of fate, the newly ascended alpha, the epitome of strength and power, found his destined partner in the least expected person – a mere orphan, a child of no lineage or esteemed heritage, raised in the shadows of the pack's orphanage. That person was me. My world shattered when this alpha, my supposed soulmate, cast me aside with ruthless disdain, subjecting me to public scorn and a cruel exile into the unforgiving sea. But fate had other plans. In the darkest depths of despair, I was discovered and rescued by the enigmatic alphas of the Fall Mountain Pack, a group shrouded in mystery and feared across the lands for the darkness that envelops them. In their realm, rejection is not a curse but a sacred rite, a gateway to join their ranks. Their ancient and forbidden deity bestows upon them the extraordinary ability to shift forms without the need for a mate, a power considered heretical and forbidden by our traditions. As I stand at the crossroads of destiny, I realize that my lifelong devotion to the moon goddess was but a prelude to a more profound connection with a deity long forgotten, a god whose realm I was always destined to inhabit. My journey from an outcast to a being of power and mystery was not by chance, but a path written in the stars, leading me to a destiny far greater than I ever imagined.


My Wolf Neighbours


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Elena is plagued by a sense of weakness and dissatisfaction in her life. She's been absent from her yoga classes, a routine she shared with her best friend Ashley, due to troubles in her marriage to Gerardo. Feeling like she's lost herself and worried about the negative example she's setting for her daughter, Gabby, Elena decides she needs a fresh start. She confides in Ashley, revealing her intentions to leave Gerardo and find her own strength. As the two friends chat in a juice bar, Elena bares her soul, explaining how her marriage has deteriorated over the years. She has tolerated disrespect, financial control, and emotional neglect. Her breaking point comes when Gabby confronts her about her passive behavior, and Elena realizes that she must set a better example for her daughter. Ashley, a supportive and resourceful friend, offers Elena a lifeline. She has a job opportunity for Elena as a leasing manager in the exclusive Wolf's Run community, which includes a house. The catch is that Elena must maintain the house's appearance to showcase it as a model home. While Elena initially hesitates, Ashley's offer provides her with a chance for independence and a fresh start. Determined to become a stronger, more self-reliant woman and a better role model for her daughter, Elena accepts the opportunity.


The Feral Gleam

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Mate! Ryker cackled, high and insane in his mind. Our mate!! Camila shrieked as the wolf leaped at her and tackled her to the ground. She stared up at the wolf looming over her, frozen in terror. She hissed at the pain in her neck as he removed its paw from her throat and stepped back just a bit. He growled, low and almost tender, “Mate.” Oh goddess, he was looking for his mate? He was going to kill her. “P-Please don’t k-kill me…” She pleaded, “P-Please, I…” The wolf flinched and trembled, “No. No. I wouldn’t-- Never-- I’m sorry…” Camila wasn’t sure what to make of his sudden change in tone and demeanor. He took half a step back. “Are you hurt? Lemme see your wounds” Camila asked worriedly. “Aren’t you… Aren’t you afraid of me?” She shrugged, “Not so long as your paws stay off my neck.” His face heated and his stomach clenched nervously. Even Ryker seemed anxious about it. “I’m sorry. I-I’m really sorry. I-I thought you were an enemy. I didn’t-- I


The One-Night Bride For The Alpha

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On the night my father kicked me out, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol and ended up sleeping with my "brother." It was a one-time mistake, yet he shocked me by proposing and declaring me as his mate, his luna. "You have brought enough disgrace to this family," his Alpha voice thundered furiously. "Me?!" I forced out a bitter laugh. "I'm not the one sleeping with every woman who crosses my path. I'm not the one who murdered my mother!" I spat out the words. "GET OUT!" He commanded, "It was a mistake to have allowed you back in Ironclaw. You will leave and are forbidden to return." What have I done? He's practically my brother. I had sex with my brother. "It wasn't a mistake," I protested. "What are you talking about, Orion?" I demanded. "Lila, you are my mate. You were born to be my luna," he stated, his expression devoid of humor. "I wasn't born to be anybody's luna," I retorted. "Lila, I love you," he said softly, his gaze unwavering. I felt a stirring within me, a primal force awakening; it was something I had never experienced before. The fire within me began to blaze. "Love?" I scoffed. "There's no such thing as love..." After witnessing my mother's suffering in her marriage to my father, I had lost faith in the concept of love. "Give me a chance to prove you wrong. Marry me."


Awakening Delphine

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Landon, a wealthy and successful man, develops a crush on Delphine, his best friend's sister. Intrigued by her unique style and strong-willed personality, Landon decides to approach Delphine at a frat party. He intentionally loses a bet in order to have an excuse to reconnect with her. Delphine, a smart and shy woman with a dating program for smart and shy girls, is surprised to see Landon but eventually agrees to let him go through her program. Landon plans to slowly win over Delphine's heart and make her his own.


The Alpha's Fated Mate

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Persephone, a former shifter pack member, finds herself in an underground fight club to meet a blackmailer. A rude bouncer grants her entry, and she encounters familiar faces from her past. However, when the blackmailer suddenly dies on top of her, shifters accuse Persephone of poisoning him. Overpowered, she is taken to the Alpha, Leo Harris, who accuses her of murder. Persephone denies the accusation and offers to help solve the case, but Leo places a tracking collar on her, claiming she belongs to him until proven innocent.