contract marriage


CEO's Unexpected Baby

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"Congratulations, you're pregnant," the doctor said with a hint of a smile, but Violet Bennett felt as if she had just heard the biggest joke of the century. How could she possibly be pregnant when she was single? She wasn't a starfish, capable of asexual reproduction. "Doctor, you must be mistaken. There's no way I could be pregnant." "Didn't you have artificial insemination last month?" "I'm single. Why would I have artificial insemination? I just had a regular check-up last month." --- As she stepped outside of the hospital, a woman pulled her aside. It was Imogen Cook, the fiancée of the big boss of the company. "You can ask for anything you want. Have the baby and give it to me." "The child should be mine. I registered under a fake name that happened to be the same as yours. The damn doctor mixed it up and performed the artificial insemination on you." Violet was dumbfounded and shocked. So, the father of the child was the big boss? How did she get involved in such a mix-up?


Pregnant by the call boy

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Quinn, the epitome of a perfect Luna, is left shattered when she discovers her fiancé has betrayed her. In an impulsive act of revenge, she hires a call boy for a night of wild passion. As the sun rises the next morning, she leaves cash behind and slips away, convinced she has exacted her sweet revenge. Little does Quinn know, her life is about to take a jaw-dropping turn when she discovers she's pregnant after the passionate night with the call boy. Amid the turmoil and crisis of her unplanned pregnancy, she inadvertently crosses paths with the man from that fateful night. However, the man standing before her isn't just any call boy; he's the future Alpha King—her fiancé's boss. Her heart races as she gazes at the powerful figure towering before her. The Alpha King smirks, cornering her with an air of dominance and desire. Raising an eyebrow, he taunts Quinn with a question that sends shivers down her spine: "A call boy, huh?"


The Billionaire’s faked wife

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In a world where precision is a deadly art and power play is the currency of the elite, Cecily, a sharpshooter known for her unparalleled 0.01mm accuracy, sees her life take a sudden and unexpected turn. Ousted from her prestigious position as the daughter of a top tycoon, she finds herself replaced by a conniving rival. Meanwhile, Garrett, a dedicated chairman of a leading business empire, becomes entangled in a web of deception when he enters into a hasty marriage due to a case of mistaken identity involving his benefactor. Little does he know that the cold resolve of a woman named Cecily will alter the course of his destiny. A woman with a lethal precision of her own, Cecily one day aims the cold muzzle of a gun at Garrett's heart, uttering ominous words that linger in the air before she pulls the trigger, setting off a chain of events that will reshape their lives forever.


My Enigmatic Husband

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It was Giselle's grandmother who arranged for Giselle to meet the grandson of another grandmother. Giselle couldn't shake off the pressure exerted by her grandmother, and to appease her, she agreed to marry a mysterious stranger. Terry Griffin appeared cold as ice on the day of his wedding to Giselle. Immediately after the ceremony, he disappeared from the city without a trace. Giselle interpreted Terry's abrupt departure as a sign of his disinterest and unpleasant nature, unaware of the genuine reasons behind his actions. As Giselle strives to excel as the perfect assistant to a powerful yet kind-hearted boss, she stumbles upon a shocking revelation. Why does he seem so familiar?


Rejected by my contract mate

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I belong to the Volana wolves, marked as a target of Evil. My blood possesses the power to grant eternal life. Since the age of 10, my father imprisoned me, taking the life of my wolf and subjecting me to a horrifying assault. No wolf. No mate. No hope. Until Quinton offered to be my contract mate. As the three-year contract comes to an end, I find myself pregnant. However, he intends to reject me. --- "I'm going to be a mother!" I exclaim in blissful disbelief. Eager to share the news with Quinton, I've been grinning like a fool since leaving the doctor's office and practiced how I'd tell him while driving. Butterflies flutter rapidly in my belly as I climb the stairs, my body thrumming with anticipation. But the ecstatic smile fades the moment I walk in. Quinton is already there, waiting for me. Alone in the darkened living room, he holds a tumbler of amber liquid, a severe frown dominating his handsome face. Finally, he speaks, "Tomorrow I'm going to have my father put things in motion for our rejection ceremony." --- I am Quinton's burden. He marries me out of duty. Yet, when I decide to leave, seeking to give him freedom, he becomes frantic in search of me. Upon our reunion, he confesses his love for me.


My Billionaire husband

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While on her food delivery route, she rescued a man known as the wealthiest individual in the city. Rumors swirled that he was ruthless, morally bankrupt, and solely driven by self-interest. After saving his life, he pledged a reward of a hundred million. However, when he turned the entire sum into a bride price, she had a sudden realization: "I only wanted the hundred million reward, not you!"


The Chosen Bride

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Stella thought she had discovered genuine happiness with her fiancé until he betrayed her by prioritizing another woman's safety over hers in life-threatening circumstances. Devastated and heartbroken, Stella resolves to annul the engagement, steadfast in her determination to reconstruct her life. Yet, fate intervenes unexpectedly. Just as she starts acclimating to the prospect of being single, she draws the interest of Cullen Griffin, the mysterious president of Harper's Corporation.


Fall in love with his contract wife

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Paul Reed is the head of a powerful consortium. He is young, handsome and generous. What kind of woman can't he get? But this insignificant little woman named Nina Lewis did not take him seriously. She succeeded in arousing his desire to conquer! He vowed to get her by any means. Struggling and plundering, he firmly dominated her in his side. But the little woman challenged his bottom line again and again, making him unbearable!


The Billionaire's Baby Bargain

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Alma is the surrogate mother for billionaire Arthur He is handsome, powerful, and ruthless. When Alma gives birth to his daughter, his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. Alma sees them shopping for a diamond ring together. Arthur approaches her and says, "I have to ask you something." Alma thinks he wants her to leave, but Arthur surprises her by asking "Will you marry me?" Alma is stunned. -- Obligated by debts, Alma had no choice but to sign a surrogacy contract with billionaire Arthur. She thought she could leave after giving birth to the baby, but instead, she finds herself falling for Arthur's charisma. He helps her achieve her dreams and gives her the best love she could ask for. Although she's head over heels for him, she knows she can't possibly become his wife. Can she really give up her baby and the man she deeply loves?