Alpha's Redemption

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He stands as the alpha king, the object of my affection, my protector. Yet, there's a chasm of two decades between us. "How old are you?" I hesitated, suppressing the tremor in my voice as I fabricated, "T-Twenty." My lip bore the mark of my nervousness. "I'm of legal age," I insisted, though doubt gnawed at me. As he drew close, tracing the contour of my neck with his nose, I wondered what he sensed in my scent. Did it betray my falsehood? Frozen, I awaited his judgment. Sensing his withdrawal, I seized him, wrapping my arms around his neck, clinging desperately. "Please, Alpha King," my voice quivered, laced with a futile attempt at allure. "I... I can satisfy you," I offered. "Do you understand the consequence of deceiving the Alpha King, little one?" His question hung in the air, heavy with the weight of certainty. I should've known he'd see through my façade. "You seem deliberate," he mused, dismissing my proposition. "But I'm not intrigued by your proposition. Instead, how about a game?" His eyes narrowed, a cruel smile playing on his lips. "If you win, I'll grant you sanctuary." A glimmer of hope ignited within me. "But if you lose..."


Rejected Moon

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Audrey, once filled with dreams of eternal love and a future with her partner Levi, finds herself chained in a barn at Torres Mansion, her heartbreak matched by physical pain. Doubts about their union arise due to Audrey's illegitimacy, and she now reflects on the moments they shared. Alone and desperate, Audrey clings to fleeting memories as reality reveals a different picture. Levi, the alpha, intends to execute her, leaving Audrey feeling betrayed and abandoned. Filled with rage, she vows retribution against Levi Torres.


Moon's Embrace

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In a world of oppressive pack dynamics, a young woman finds herself forced into a mate bond with the notorious alpha, Johnny Rogers. As they escape her cruel uncle's clutches, she must navigate the uncertain territory of being the Luna to Johnny's pack, all while facing the fear of her overwhelming destiny and survival under this new alpha. With her twenty-third birthday approaching, her journey towards freedom and self-discovery begins.


Choosing the Beta After Declining the Alpha

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Brennan, the Alpha of Lock Heart, becomes suspicious of his best friend Gary's behavior after encountering an intriguing woman in his presence. Brennan's inner wolf, Chaos, senses something amiss and urges him to investigate further. As Brennan questions Gary about the woman, tensions rise between them, and Brennan begins to question his friend's loyalty. With a growing sense of unease, Brennan is determined to uncover the truth behind Gary's actions and the secrets he may be keeping.


Marked by my professor

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As soon as I step into the foyer of Solstice Shifter Academy, I instantly regret getting up this morning. My boyfriend is openly flirting with a girl. My fingers twitch by my sides as he gently tucks a strand of hair behind her ears, using his other hand to pull her closer to him. That’s when I spot a man standing nearby with his hands tucked into his pockets. An idea pops into my head, and not thinking it through, I start proceeding towards him. “Um miss-” “I need you to please kiss me.” I press down my lips to his, my eyes sealing shut as the reality of what I’m doing finally sets in. This is my first kiss, and it’s with a stranger. I almost think he’s going to pull away but then I feel his hands circle tighter around my waist as he deepens the kiss. Later, upon entering my classroom, I was shocked to find him there—the man I had kissed just moments ago, the man to whom I had surrendered my first kiss: my professor.


Fated Mates

Melinda Lyons

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Seven names. Seven families of royal vampires on Night Hill. One stands above all. After centuries of freedom, no one is happy to kneel to a new Eirikrson. Diana intended to stop by Oldcrest for a pit stop. Catch up with her brother, meet his mate, maybe convince them to name their firstborn after her. She’ll soon learn, as a Helsing, she must pick a side. Before one is picked for her. Mikar has spent centuries following Levi, to thank him for saving his life, but when all hell breaks loose, he has to decide: get the freedom he’s earned, or die with the rest of his friends. Was there even a choice?