Wanted By The Hockey Alpha

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When your bf banged your cheerleader bff in your bedroom on your 18th birthday party, to get revenge on him, you slept with his hockey team captain. Everyone knows Captain never have a second sex with the same girl. But he wants you every night...and everyone knows that too...


Alpha's Redemption

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He stands as the alpha king, the object of my affection, my protector. Yet, there's a chasm of two decades between us. "How old are you?" I hesitated, suppressing the tremor in my voice as I fabricated, "T-Twenty." My lip bore the mark of my nervousness. "I'm of legal age," I insisted, though doubt gnawed at me. As he drew close, tracing the contour of my neck with his nose, I wondered what he sensed in my scent. Did it betray my falsehood? Frozen, I awaited his judgment. Sensing his withdrawal, I seized him, wrapping my arms around his neck, clinging desperately. "Please, Alpha King," my voice quivered, laced with a futile attempt at allure. "I... I can satisfy you," I offered. "Do you understand the consequence of deceiving the Alpha King, little one?" His question hung in the air, heavy with the weight of certainty. I should've known he'd see through my façade. "You seem deliberate," he mused, dismissing my proposition. "But I'm not intrigued by your proposition. Instead, how about a game?" His eyes narrowed, a cruel smile playing on his lips. "If you win, I'll grant you sanctuary." A glimmer of hope ignited within me. "But if you lose..."


The Rejected Alpha

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Three years in the past, I fabricated a false pregnancy to illicitly obtain half a million dollars from my mate. It seemed like my only option at the time, as I needed the funds to ransom my brother and save his life. However, the consequences have left me drained, and now I find myself preferring death over enduring another day of icy resentment. My name is Rosamund Gonzalez, and I rejected my alpha mate because I'm determined to live, not merely survive.


Mate of the Lycan

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"12 hours before this full moon ends. You'll make the last Lycan take your virginity," he declared. "Only 12 hours? What if I fail?" I questioned, a tremor of fear threading through my voice. "You'll perish," he replied bluntly. The last Lycan, driven wild by each full moon, could only be pacified by coupling with a virgin werewolf. And I was the chosen one. Surprisingly, bedding the Devil bestowed upon me unexpected strength. -- The Lycan loomed behind me, a formidable mass of sinew and muscle. Even through my wedding dress, his searing body heat scorched me; his hot breath caressed my ear as he whispered, "Mate..." If the last Lycan was akin to the Devil, then perhaps I had a penchant for embracing damnation. -- When I freed the last Lycan from his confines, I never fathomed that one day, it would be I who found myself imprisoned by him.


Alpha's Baby Bargain

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"You want a hundred thousand dollars for your body, fine. Give me an heir in six months, and the money's yours when the baby's born." His voice dripped with icy determination, sending shivers down my spine. "Are you serious?" I managed to choke out. "Yes," he affirmed. "B-but what about the other part of my request?" I stuttered nervously. "What other part?" His eyebrow arched in curiosity. Clutching the contract tightly to my chest, I whispered, "The part where I get to leave. If I have your baby, can I take the money and walk away?" When I was auctioned off to my ex-boyfriend, a man I hadn't seen in years, he agreed to a contract: I give him a child, and I could take the money and leave. But now, after the birth, he seemed to be having second thoughts.


Rejected Moon

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Audrey, once filled with dreams of eternal love and a future with her partner Levi, finds herself chained in a barn at Torres Mansion, her heartbreak matched by physical pain. Doubts about their union arise due to Audrey's illegitimacy, and she now reflects on the moments they shared. Alone and desperate, Audrey clings to fleeting memories as reality reveals a different picture. Levi, the alpha, intends to execute her, leaving Audrey feeling betrayed and abandoned. Filled with rage, she vows retribution against Levi Torres.


Moon's Embrace

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In a world of oppressive pack dynamics, a young woman finds herself forced into a mate bond with the notorious alpha, Johnny Rogers. As they escape her cruel uncle's clutches, she must navigate the uncertain territory of being the Luna to Johnny's pack, all while facing the fear of her overwhelming destiny and survival under this new alpha. With her twenty-third birthday approaching, her journey towards freedom and self-discovery begins.


My vampire professor

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After I found my bf kissing his "childhood friend", I got drunk in a bar and my best friend ordered a skilled call boy for me. He was indeed skilled and crazy hot. I left cash and ran away the next morning. Later, I ran into the "call boy" in my classroom and found he's in fact my new Professor. Gradually, I realized there was something different about him... “You forgot something.” He gave me a grocery bag in front of everyone with a poker face. “What—” I began to ask, but he was already walking away. The other students in the room were staring at me questionably, wondering what he had just handed me. I glanced inside the bag and instantly shut it, feeling the blood draining from my body. It was the bra and money I had left at his place.


The White Rose Estate

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After being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, down-on-her-luck Viola Whyet is taken in by her best friend, whose husband offers her a new job, paying the price of becoming his food.


The Shattered Moon

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Three years in the past, I fabricated a false pregnancy in order to pilfer a substantial sum of five hundred thousand dollars from my mate. Faced with the dilemma of either paying my brother's ransom or witnessing his demise, I felt compelled to resort to such drastic measures. Presently, I find myself preferring death over enduring another day steeped in chilly, resentful treatment. I go by the name Aaliyah, and I spurned my alpha mate because I am prepared to embrace life, not merely endure it! --- "Who are you?" I abruptly regained consciousness, disoriented and experiencing aches throughout my body. A robust male figure lay beside me—both of us unclothed except for the sheet enveloping our forms. I sifted through my recollections from the preceding night, attempting to piece together how I had arrived here while delicately wrapping the sheet around myself. Halting abruptly, I realized that moving would leave my bed companion completely exposed. I recalled uttering repeatedly, "I'm your mate!" Gingerly, I slid off the bed in search of clothing, striving to be as silent as possible so as not to disturb the slumbering stranger. His fragrance permeated everything, an opulent and masculine aroma.