The hidden wolf princess

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"I mindlinked Adam: 'Divorce me today, or she dies.'" Three years ago, Adam promised to marry me if I became his lover’s blood donor. I naively believed that marriage would lead to his love. Instead, I became a servant to his family and a mere blood donor to his lover, never truly his Luna. Now, stripped of my wolf, I needed to escape this loveless union. "Don’t be foolish, Bianca. Is it money you desire? I can offer more," Adam proposed. "I want nothing from you," I declared, gesturing to the divorce papers. "Sign them, Adam." “Daddy…” I mindlinked my father, with whom I hadn’t communicated in the three years of my marriage. “Bianca? What’s the matter?” My father’s voice, soft yet commanding, filled my mind. "I am divorced," I informed him solemnly. "Return to the palace, my princess," he ordered. As reality dawned on him, Adam finally understood his loss. "Will you marry me again, my mate?" he implored, relinquishing his pride.


Tempting Fear

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Grace, a bartender at a nightclub, reluctantly agrees to wear a uniform top she's uncomfortable with to appease her manager, Callum. Grace has a photo of her and her mom in her locker, reflecting on their similarities. Grace hides her tattoo, marking her as a werewolf, as best as she can. A customer hits on her and asks about her tattoo, offering money for the story behind it. Grace lies, saying it's a reminder of her mother's murder. Another werewolf enters the bar, and the owner, also a werewolf, questions Grace about her pack. Henry offers to take her to meet the Alpha, and Grace considers running but decides to act normal. She attempts to escape but is caught by Henry. A mysterious man named Zayden appears, revealing himself as the Alpha, and takes Grace to his pack's headquarters.


Crimson Bonds

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In the labyrinth of the Academy, where shifting shadows and whispered secrets reign supreme, Mave's world shattered on their very first day. Imagine, being thrust into a realm of towering expectations and clandestine politics, only to find one's destined mate—the revered Alpha's son—callously rejecting them in front of the entire shifter community. But amidst the heartache and the unrelenting pull of the rejected bond, Mave harbored an audacious determination—to defy fate itself. Their journey unfolds not only in the tumultuous world of wolf pack politics but also in the enigmatic presence of a captivating human companion, tangled in their own web of undisclosed truths.


Awakening Delphine

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Landon, a wealthy and successful man, develops a crush on Delphine, his best friend's sister. Intrigued by her unique style and strong-willed personality, Landon decides to approach Delphine at a frat party. He intentionally loses a bet in order to have an excuse to reconnect with her. Delphine, a smart and shy woman with a dating program for smart and shy girls, is surprised to see Landon but eventually agrees to let him go through her program. Landon plans to slowly win over Delphine's heart and make her his own.


The Lost Journey

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Jocelyn From a young age, I knew fairy godmothers were pure fiction. Growing up in foster care teaches you that fast. I'm clawing my way through night school, building my own business without relying on anyone, thank you very much. But when my deadbeat ex pulls off identity theft, racking up an insurmountable debt in my name, my so-called fairy godmother emerges—a feisty septuagenarian armed with Fireball whisky. Her solution for my mess? Marry a brooding jock in a kilt, whose legs rock a skirt better than mine ever could. Matthew I never dreamed of being a place-kicker in a pro football team. Fate just took the reins. Banished from Scotland ten years back, now I'm this athletic sensation, labeled as the 'Man with the Million Dollar Leg' across the league. But when some bureaucratic mess-up jeopardizes my stay before the season kick-starts, I'll go to any lengths to dodge deportation and confront my biggest blunder. Even if it means tying the knot with a lass—pink hair and all—with eyes that seem to pry into everything I'm set on concealing.


The Alpha's Fated Mate

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Persephone, a former shifter pack member, finds herself in an underground fight club to meet a blackmailer. A rude bouncer grants her entry, and she encounters familiar faces from her past. However, when the blackmailer suddenly dies on top of her, shifters accuse Persephone of poisoning him. Overpowered, she is taken to the Alpha, Leo Harris, who accuses her of murder. Persephone denies the accusation and offers to help solve the case, but Leo places a tracking collar on her, claiming she belongs to him until proven innocent.


Blossom of the Valley: A Magical Birth

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Sophia, a young girl with a mysterious mark, is taken from her mother by the High King to be tested for magic. Her mother, Bellamy, desperately tries to save her, but Sophia is raised in the castle. Years later, Sophia is alone in the forest when she encounters a dangerous creature. She manages to kill it, but wonders if the curse that plagued her village is spreading. Returning home, she reflects on the close call and enters a room filled with rare plants collected by her aunt.


The Forgotten Promise

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Emily, having signed a contract with the demon Arthur, wakes up in his realm, stripped of her clothes and surrounded by luxury. Arthur reveals his true form and explains that she will be auctioned off as part of his plan. Emily focuses on practical concerns, ensuring the safety of her belongings and dressing herself in an extravagant gown. Despite her fear, she finds solace in action and prepares to face her uncertain future with resilience.