The Lost Journey

The Lost Journey

Darcel Bushfield

81,062 Words



Jocelyn From a young age, I knew fairy godmothers were pure fiction. Growing up in foster care teaches you that fast. I'm clawing my way through night school, building my own business without relying on anyone, thank you very much. But when my deadbeat ex pulls off identity theft, racking up an insurmountable debt in my name, my so-called fairy godmother emerges—a feisty septuagenarian armed with Fireball whisky. Her solution for my mess? Marry a brooding jock in a kilt, whose legs rock a skirt better than mine ever could. Matthew I never dreamed of being a place-kicker in a pro football team. Fate just took the reins. Banished from Scotland ten years back, now I'm this athletic sensation, labeled as the 'Man with the Million Dollar Leg' across the league. But when some bureaucratic mess-up jeopardizes my stay before the season kick-starts, I'll go to any lengths to dodge deportation and confront my biggest blunder. Even if it means tying the knot with a lass—pink hair and all—with eyes that seem to pry into everything I'm set on concealing.