The billionaire’s Nanny

The billionaire’s Nanny

Tennille Dorsch

50,751 Words



Living in a sprawling white mansion in the heart of London's Knightsbridge, he's surrounded by an aura that draws playboys and Russian tycoons alike. The imposing bodyguards eye me suspiciously, as th ough I'm not here for a job interview, but rather plotting a heist. I brush it off and maintain my composure. Securing this enigmatic position to care for the girl who chooses silence is my mission. A stern woman escorts me to his study. She knocks, and a voice, deep and smooth, invites us in. The door swings open, revealing Everett Campbell. OMG. His eyes possess a wolf-like intensity. Ruthless. Captivating. Dangerous. Obviously, he's totally off-limits, but I can't shake off the imagery of his large, sun-kissed hands exploring every contour of my being. The interview, brief beyond belief, concludes with the verdict—I haven't landed the job. Exiting his study, my pride wounded, something unexpected occurs.