Entangled Fates

Entangled Fates

Elvie Zion

110,189 Words



Walter "If she spends every night in my bed, she'll inevitably develop feelings for me... and it'll get awkward when I have to eliminate her." She's my ultimate failure. The name that torments me inc essantly. My concealed shame. And when I had the chance to abduct her from her wedding, nothing could deter me. She's mine. I could claim her life, body, or heart if I so desired. But my brothers doubt me. So, when they challenge me to make the little principessa fall for me, I accept without hesitation. And when she lays bare her soul, pleading, I'll crush it mercilessly. I'm setting up the Calabresis like falling dominoes. And she'll be the initial tumble. Ava He's my dark nightmare. My sworn enemy in blood. My unyielding craving. Our destinies entwined the night he attempted my demise, and now he's returned to obliterate me once and for all. It's always been our clan against theirs—the Calabresis versus the Romeros. This city belongs to us, but they swore to seize it. When they couldn't, they snatched me instead. Now I'm shackled by the cruelest of them all—the man who once sought to choke the life out of me. But I won't succumb to him. I've grown older, fiercer, and sprouted claws of my own. Walter believes he can hold me captive, but he'll soon regret inviting a dormant tiger into his lair.