My Wolf Neighbours

My Wolf Neighbours

Auryn Hadley

136,908 Words



Elena is plagued by a sense of weakness and dissatisfaction in her life. She's been absent from her yoga classes, a routine she shared with her best friend Ashley, due to troubles in her marriage to G erardo. Feeling like she's lost herself and worried about the negative example she's setting for her daughter, Gabby, Elena decides she needs a fresh start. She confides in Ashley, revealing her intentions to leave Gerardo and find her own strength. As the two friends chat in a juice bar, Elena bares her soul, explaining how her marriage has deteriorated over the years. She has tolerated disrespect, financial control, and emotional neglect. Her breaking point comes when Gabby confronts her about her passive behavior, and Elena realizes that she must set a better example for her daughter. Ashley, a supportive and resourceful friend, offers Elena a lifeline. She has a job opportunity for Elena as a leasing manager in the exclusive Wolf's Run community, which includes a house. The catch is that Elena must maintain the house's appearance to showcase it as a model home. While Elena initially hesitates, Ashley's offer provides her with a chance for independence and a fresh start. Determined to become a stronger, more self-reliant woman and a better role model for her daughter, Elena accepts the opportunity.