The Shattered Moon

The Shattered Moon

Kathey Leimer

246,549 Words



Three years in the past, I fabricated a false pregnancy in order to pilfer a substantial sum of five hundred thousand dollars from my mate. Faced with the dilemma of either paying my brother's ransom or witnessing his demise, I felt compelled to resort to such drastic measures. Presently, I find myself preferring death over enduring another day steeped in chilly, resentful treatment. I go by the name Aaliyah, and I spurned my alpha mate because I am prepared to embrace life, not merely endure it! --- "Who are you?" I abruptly regained consciousness, disoriented and experiencing aches throughout my body. A robust male figure lay beside me—both of us unclothed except for the sheet enveloping our forms. I sifted through my recollections from the preceding night, attempting to piece together how I had arrived here while delicately wrapping the sheet around myself. Halting abruptly, I realized that moving would leave my bed companion completely exposed. I recalled uttering repeatedly, "I'm your mate!" Gingerly, I slid off the bed in search of clothing, striving to be as silent as possible so as not to disturb the slumbering stranger. His fragrance permeated everything, an opulent and masculine aroma.