My Mafia Sugar Daddy

My Mafia Sugar Daddy

Frederica Psencik

115,374 Words



“Maybe love is a risk, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take and as you said, it’s not a choice. I never thought I would, never thought I could love someone like that but I fell in love with you. I foug ht it. It’s the first battle I didn’t mind losing.” Brian Foster, Capo of the New York Famiglia, a brutal murderer, a cold hearted bastard. He might be one of the hottest men in New York, but not even the fires of hell could melt the ice wrapped around his black, lifeless heart. People cower under his name. He is a mystery. But there's one thing they know..What's his, stay his. Felicity Carter, a sweet innocent girl, a mother to her younger siblings, a pawn to her father. And now she is engaged to a monster. But duty is duty. There is no turning back now. That's how the mafia world is. Once you are born there. There is no escape.