Pamper her

Pamper her

Casie Deshler

259,986 Words



Rumoured had it that Zephyr Carter was wicked and heartless. He killed two fiancées consecutively; thereafter, no woman in the city dared to marry him. Nonetheless, Lorelei married him regardless of the rumours. "Lorelei, I will protect you." "No one is allowed to hurt my mummy." Just as she married into the Carter family, the two cute boys began to scramble for her attention. Zephyr picked his sons up by the collars, threw them out of his bedroom and closed the door, "Honey, we should get down to business." Lorelei was bewildered while at the same time flustered, "Am I going to be the stepmother of the two children?" Zephyr curled his lips into a light smile, "Firstly, you're their biological mother. Secondly, I have to correct you: it's not two children, but three." Lorelei was taken aback. When did she give birth to three children for Zephyr? By the way, wasn't he disfigured, and wasn't him wicked and cruel? Why the truth was totally different from those rumours – he pampered her a lot?