Surrogate to Fated Mate

Surrogate to Fated Mate

Marietta Oguendo

461,797 Words



After years of grappling with infertility and enduring betrayal from her partner, Magnolia makes the courageous decision to pursue motherhood on her own. However, her plans take an unexpected turn wh en she inadvertently becomes inseminated with the sperm of the imposing billionaire, Russell Watson. Suddenly thrust into a whirlwind of chaos, Magnolia's life is upended when the mix-up is revealed. This revelation is especially daunting because Russell isn't just any billionaire; he's a werewolf vying for the position of Alpha King. Determined to protect his lineage, he's unwilling to entrust just anyone with his offspring. Can Magnolia persuade him to allow her to remain a part of her child's life? And why does he constantly regard her as if she's his next meal? Could it be possible that he's drawn to a mere human?