Mate of the Lycan

Mate of the Lycan

Josefina Wyant

332,937 Words



"12 hours before this full moon ends. You'll make the last Lycan take your virginity," he declared. "Only 12 hours? What if I fail?" I questioned, a tremor of fear threading through my voice. "You'l l perish," he replied bluntly. The last Lycan, driven wild by each full moon, could only be pacified by coupling with a virgin werewolf. And I was the chosen one. Surprisingly, bedding the Devil bestowed upon me unexpected strength. -- The Lycan loomed behind me, a formidable mass of sinew and muscle. Even through my wedding dress, his searing body heat scorched me; his hot breath caressed my ear as he whispered, "Mate..." If the last Lycan was akin to the Devil, then perhaps I had a penchant for embracing damnation. -- When I freed the last Lycan from his confines, I never fathomed that one day, it would be I who found myself imprisoned by him.