The Feral Gleam

The Feral Gleam

Fatimah Luptak

153,559 Words



Mate! Ryker cackled, high and insane in his mind. Our mate!! Camila shrieked as the wolf leaped at her and tackled her to the ground. She stared up at the wolf looming over her, frozen in terror. She hissed at the pain in her neck as he removed its paw from her throat and stepped back just a bit. He growled, low and almost tender, “Mate.” Oh goddess, he was looking for his mate? He was going to kill her. “P-Please don’t k-kill me…” She pleaded, “P-Please, I…” The wolf flinched and trembled, “No. No. I wouldn’t-- Never-- I’m sorry…” Camila wasn’t sure what to make of his sudden change in tone and demeanor. He took half a step back. “Are you hurt? Lemme see your wounds” Camila asked worriedly. “Aren’t you… Aren’t you afraid of me?” She shrugged, “Not so long as your paws stay off my neck.” His face heated and his stomach clenched nervously. Even Ryker seemed anxious about it. “I’m sorry. I-I’m really sorry. I-I thought you were an enemy. I didn’t-- I