The Billionaire’s faked wife

The Billionaire’s faked wife

Holley Tencer

976,029 Words



In a world where precision is a deadly art and power play is the currency of the elite, Cecily, a sharpshooter known for her unparalleled 0.01mm accuracy, sees her life take a sudden and unexpected tu rn. Ousted from her prestigious position as the daughter of a top tycoon, she finds herself replaced by a conniving rival. Meanwhile, Garrett, a dedicated chairman of a leading business empire, becomes entangled in a web of deception when he enters into a hasty marriage due to a case of mistaken identity involving his benefactor. Little does he know that the cold resolve of a woman named Cecily will alter the course of his destiny. A woman with a lethal precision of her own, Cecily one day aims the cold muzzle of a gun at Garrett's heart, uttering ominous words that linger in the air before she pulls the trigger, setting off a chain of events that will reshape their lives forever.