Beg for her love

Beg for her love

Jannet Elgas

1,169,597 Words



Zara has been served as his substitute for a teenage crush for a long time. Despite her unwavering commitment, Dennis remains oblivious to her sacrifices. However, when news of Dennis's engagement to a wealthy socialite breaks, Zara decides it's time to reclaim her life. Concealing her pregnancy, she embarks on a journey that transforms her into a billionaire heiress and a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of investment banking. Fast forward five years, and Dennis, now desperate and broken, stumbles upon the transformed Zara. In a surprising twist, he abandons his pride and begs for her love. The tables have turned, and Zara is no longer the obedient secretary; she holds the power. How will Dennis convince her to forgive and forget? Will Zara succumb to his pleas, or has she truly moved on?