Chasing the Moon's Salvation

Chasing the Moon's Salvation

Julio Letlow

47,266 Words



In the vast wilderness of the most formidable pack on earth, my existence followed a predetermined path, etched in stone from the moment I reached the age of eighteen. That was when the moon ceremony, a sacred rite of passage, would unveil my true mate, binding our souls and unlocking the mystical shifter energy bestowed upon the male members of our pack by the benevolent moon goddess. This energy is the key to our most sacred ability – to transform into majestic wolves. However, in an unprecedented twist of fate, the newly ascended alpha, the epitome of strength and power, found his destined partner in the least expected person – a mere orphan, a child of no lineage or esteemed heritage, raised in the shadows of the pack's orphanage. That person was me. My world shattered when this alpha, my supposed soulmate, cast me aside with ruthless disdain, subjecting me to public scorn and a cruel exile into the unforgiving sea. But fate had other plans. In the darkest depths of despair, I was discovered and rescued by the enigmatic alphas of the Fall Mountain Pack, a group shrouded in mystery and feared across the lands for the darkness that envelops them. In their realm, rejection is not a curse but a sacred rite, a gateway to join their ranks. Their ancient and forbidden deity bestows upon them the extraordinary ability to shift forms without the need for a mate, a power considered heretical and forbidden by our traditions. As I stand at the crossroads of destiny, I realize that my lifelong devotion to the moon goddess was but a prelude to a more profound connection with a deity long forgotten, a god whose realm I was always destined to inhabit. My journey from an outcast to a being of power and mystery was not by chance, but a path written in the stars, leading me to a destiny far greater than I ever imagined.