Forbidden Obsession

Forbidden Obsession

Danette Popoff

80,646 Words



Keith, infatuated with his best friend's sister Rosalie, has been waiting for years to make his move. At a grand opening event, he surprises Rosalie by asking her to dance and passionately kisses her on the terrace. Keith insists she meet him at his office the next day but tells her to go home and change first. Unsure of his intentions, Rosalie seeks advice from her friend Vivian. Keith, a billionaire, contemplates their history and eagerly awaits their meeting. Meanwhile, Keith's friends and business partners, Craig and Bennett, unexpectedly leave for a trip. Keith, relieved, arranges for Rosalie to come to his office. He offers her a job as his personal assistant and proposes a nontraditional relationship, giving her a contract to consider over the weekend. Rosalie is shocked and confused, but Keith expresses his long-standing desire for her.